Overseas Business Support

We provide support from the planning stage to post-completion maintenance for our client's overseas projects

Overseas laws and regulations differ from country to country, so Taisei Corporation utilizes its rich experience from client's business planning (stage of considering project feasibility) to after-sales maintenance to provide the most appropriate services. We offer our clients advanced construction technology.

  • Business process
  • Taisei's Services
Overseas operation studies
  • Comparison of investment environments in each country
  • Country risk analysis
  • Provision of information on local market
Business plan
  • Help with Feasibility Study (FS) material creation (commercialization plan)
  • Help with business start-up procedures
Site selection
  • Consideration of required area, various building and environmental regulations
  • Identify the surrounding infrastructure
  • Provision of site information
Master plan
Basic design
  • Planning tailored to local laws and conditions
  • Basic planing, basic design drawings
Implementation design
  • Create detailed construction plans
  • Creating Construction Cost Estimates
Application service
  • Applications for building permits
    1. 1Environmental Application (support)
    2. 2Basic design applications
    3. 3Applications for detailed design
    4. 4Fire prevention applications
    5. 5Applications for construction permit
  • Quality, schedule compliant and safety-first project management
Commencement of business operations
  • Handing Over buildings
  • Maintenance at local sites
Post-completion Maintenance
  • Efficient maintenance services
  • Proposals for extensions and refurbishment
  • Building Value Improvement Proposals

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